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These two Knoll Sling lounge chairs in the popular color combination of black fabric covers and black metal frames and in the rarer version with armrests come in very good condition. The cushions, as well as the frame, show minimal signs of wear. The thick cushion is suspended in the frame and thus allows for very comfortable sitting. A hopsack-like black fabric was selected for the fabric cover. These classics were designed by Bruce Hannah and Andrew Morrison for Knoll in the 70s.The Knoll furniture manufacturer was founded in 1865 and has been producing the highest quality and avant-garde pieces of furniture right from the start. In the 1920s they were one of the most important supporters of the Bauhaus and founded the Knoll Furniture Company in New York at the end of the 1930s.

Set of 2 Knoll Sling lounge chairs by Hannah&Morrison

  • Width:   65 cm

    Height: 73cm

    Depth: 75cm

    Seat height: 38cm

    Seat depth: 48cm


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