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These two Seat 150 leather armchairs are fantastic representatives of the Space Age. The soft, cognac-colored and quilted leather is in very good condition. The brown plastic shells of the backrests show slight signs of wear. The metal base typical of Hirche is in perfect condition on both armchairs. These absolute classics of the 70s Space Age also offer excellent seating comfort.


Herbert Hirche is one of the most important designers at the Bauhaus and studied there from 1930-33 under Kandinsky and Mies van der Rohe. He designed the Seat 150 model for the Mauser works in Waldeck in 1973. Mauser is one of the best-known German furniture manufacturers who also specifically implemented Bauhaus designs.

Set of 2 Mauser Seat 150 leather armchairs by Herbert Hirche

  • Width:  78 cm

    Height: 99 cm

    Depth: 77 cm

    Seat height: 47 cm

    Seat depth: 45 cm

    Armrest height: 67 cm

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