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First class Strässle leather lounge chair from the 1960s. The lounge chairs, in a deep black leather tone, come in very good condition. The leather shows minimal signs of wear, Patina on the backrest of a chair. The chrome frames are in excellent condition. The chairs can be used as office chairs or dining room chairs.


The Swiss manufacturer Strässle has been producing luxury furniture of the highest craftsmanship and in timeless designs since 1965. Strässle became known for using the best leather for their furniture and for manufacturing their products with the highest level of craftsmanship. The HE is a classic designed by Swiss designer Hans Eichenberger in the 1960s.

Set of 2 Strässle HE leather lounge chairs by Hans Eichenberger

  • Width: 55 cm

    Height: 84 cm

    Depth: 57 cm

    Seat height: 45 cm

    Seat depth: 47 cm

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