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The set of 4 black leather cantilever chairs is designed in typical Kastholm style. The solid-looking curved metal frame supports the leather seat only at the front ends, giving the chair a certain lightness. The black leather seats and backrests of the chairs are in very good condition. The leather covering of the armrests has an attractive patina. The metal frames of the chairs only show minimal signs of wear. The Danish designer Jorgen Kastholm is one of the influential Danish furniture designers of functional-aesthetic Scandinavian design. Together with his colleague Preben Fabricius, he designed several icons of furniture design. These chairs were produced in the 70s for the German furniture manufacturer Kusch&Co. Kusch&Co. has over time collaborated with several internationally important designers and produced groundbreaking furniture.

Set of 4 leather dining chairs by Jørgen Kastholm for Kusch&Co

  • Width: 55cm

    Height: 76cm

    Depth: 54cm

    Seat height: 45 cm

    Seat depth: 45 cm

    Armrest height: 65 cm

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