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This set of 4 Amanta armchairs comes in the classic combination, brown corduroy and white fiberglass shells. The cord is in first class condition, the color of the cord is strong throughout and not faded. A chair base under the cushions, in an invisible area, has a closed tear seam. The fiberglass shells are also in very good condition.  The armchairs with very good seating comfort can be placed individually or connected to form a sofa. Very nice, classic color combination for the Amantas. The Italian manufacturer C&B Italia was founded by Cesare Cassina and Piero Busnelli and completely taken over by Busnelli in 1973. At this point the company was renamed B&B Italia. The Amanta armchair was designed by Mario Bellini for C&B Italia in 1963 and is one of his most famous designs.


C&B Italia set of 4 Amanta Cord lounge chairs by Mario Bellini

  • Width:  79cm

    Height: 69cm

    Depth: 78cm

    Seat height: 41cm

    Seat depth: 48cm

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