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Very well preserved set of 5 office/dining room chairs from the well-known manufacturer Chromcraft. The brown mottled hopsack cover of the chairs, as well as the brown plastic shells, are in perfect condition. The solid chrome-plated metal feet guarantee a secure stand and only show small signs of wear. The armchairs can be rotated and have an automatic return mechanism and suspension.


The chairs come from the 70s and are in the Space Age style. The US manufacturer Chromcraft was founded in 1908 as the American Fixture and Manufacturing Company and their mid-century products are very popular.

Chromcraft Set of 5 Space Age Office/Dining Room Chairs

  • Width:  64cm

    Height: 87cm

    Depth: 70cm

    Seat height: 48cm

    Seat depth: 48cm

    Armrest height: 63 cm

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