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Very futuristic, elegant looking office chair made of thick saddle leather in very good condition. The black leather only shows slight signs of wear on the armrests. The leather is stretched in a stable, black metal frame and offers good seating comfort. The frame, as well as the base of the chair, shows slight signs of wear. The original castors run smoothly. The chair's hydraulics work perfectly and allow seat heights between 41 and 50 cm. The chair also has a tilt function.

 The Italian manufacturer Cofemo has been producing office chairs since 1948 and is currently one of the market leaders in the production of chair parts. This chair was made in the late 1980s.

Cofemo Italy leather office chair 80s

  • Width: 71 cm

    Height: 129 - 138 cm

    Depth: 70 cm

    Seat height: 41 - 50 cm

    Seat depth: 50 cm

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