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An extremely attractive modular sofa from the 70s consisting of 4 seating elements and 1 armchair. The covers are made of brown broad cord which is in excellent condition. There are no rubs, stains or holes in the fabric. The seating comfort is impeccable. The wooden frames have sweeping lines and are painted white. There are some slight traces of use on the lower areas of the feet. The back wall of the armchairs is also covered with corduroy. 


The modules can be placed into a 4-seater, 3-seater or 2-seater sofa, and the armrests of the armchair can also be removed to incorporate this element into a sofa landscape. The sofa was probably made in the 70s.

Cord modular sofa with 5 elements, 1970

  • Dimensions per element

    Width:  75cm

    Height: 66cm

    Depth: 94cm

    Seat height: 37cm

    Seat depth: 52cm

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