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This modular sofa consists of 2 armchairs and a seat cushion, all of which can easily be converted into a comfortable bed. The brown leather of the armchairs and the ottoman is in very good condition, soft and without damage, only minimal signs of wear. Due to its size, the ottoman can be used as an extension of the sofa or as a coffee table. 


The Swiss manufacturer De Sede has been producing luxury furniture with the highest craftsmanship and timeless designs since 1965. De Sede became known for using the best leather for their furniture. The DS 77 model is the highback version of the better known DS 76 and was manufactured in the 70s.

De Sede DS 77 leather modular sofa with ottoman

  • Armchair

    Width:  92cm

    Height: 83cm

    Depth: 97cm

    Seat height: 39 cm

    Seat depth: 65cm

    Lying area: 187 cm


    Width:  95cm

    Height: 39cm

    Depth: 95cm

    Seat height: 39cm



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