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A classic Dreipunkt Scala leather sofa which comes in very good condition. The black leather is soft and has no major signs of wear. The leather upholstery is fixed to the frame with snap fasteners and is removable. The wooden frame shows minimal signs of wear and is made of teak. The back and side parts of the 2-seater are also covered with leather. High-quality design in a beautiful color combination. The sofa was designed for Dreipunkt in the 80s. Dreipunkt International was a well-known German furniture manufacturer that had been producing high-quality furniture since 1880 and had cooperated with selected designers.

Dreipunkt Scala 2 seater leather sofa

  • Width: 146cm

    Height: 75cm

    Depth: 81cm

    Seat height: 37cm

    Seat depth: 53cm

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