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Two Galaxy armchairs in a fantastic color combination of black acrylic and pink upholstery. The plastic shells of both chairs, as well as the metal feet, are in excellent condition and rotate easily. The upholstery of the armchairs shows signs of wear, and the fabric on the upper edge of one of the armchairs is faded. Space Age statement piece.


The Swedish designer Alf Svensson designed several mid-century icons, often together with his partner Yngvar Sandström for Fritz Hansen and Dux, among others. The Swedish manufacturer DUX became known for its clear, simple and timeless designs, which still look modern today. DUX always uses the highest quality materials for its products and is still one of the leading furniture manufacturers today.


Dux Galaxy set of 2 Space Age armchairs by Alf Svensson & Yngvar Sandström

  • Width:  70cm

    Height: 94cm

    Depth: 91cm

    Seat height: 41cm

    Seat depth: 50cm

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