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This original Hayat Roorkee Campaign Safari chair from the 60s is in first-class condition. The black leather has almost no visible signs of wear. The wooden frames, made of beautiful teak, are in very good condition. The tension cables are all in order, all fittings are tight and without damage. Exceptionally good piece. The Safari Roorkee chair was developed in 1933 by Hayat Brothers in Pakistan for the British officials and was used on safaris. Hayat developed a model that can be quickly dismantled but is still stable and comfortable. High-quality materials such as rosewood, mahogany or teak and the best leather were used.


Hayat Roorkee Campaign Safari Chair

  • Width: 57cm

    Height: 78cm

    Depth: 61 cm

    Seat height: 38cm

    Seat depth: 48cm

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