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These 2 KM 3/1 armchairs by Matteo Grassi come in a black colour. The thick buffalo leather of the back and seat cushions has a beautiful structure, is soft and undamaged. The side and back parts, made of thick saddle leather, show slight signs of wear, primarily on the lower front corners. These Korium armchairs were designed by Tito Agnoli in the 80s. The chairs are sold individually or in pairs. Price per armchair


Matteo Grassi was founded in 1880 as a manufacturer of saddles and riding gear and over time developed into a manufacturer of high-quality designer furniture. A turning point in history were the designs of the designer Tito Agnoli in the 70s.

Matteo Grassi Korium KM 3/1 leather armchair by Tito Agnoli

  • Width: 94 cm

    Height: 77 cm

    Depth:  85 cm

    Seat height: 44 cm

    Seat depth: 56 cm

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