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This Gentilina leather armchair in black leather is in good condition. The leather and the stainless steel backrests show minimal signs of wear. The backrest has a slight scratch, the front corners have abrasions. Andre Vandenbeuck designed this armchair for Strässle in the 1960s and created a classic with it.


The Swiss manufacturer Strässle has been producing upholstered furniture of the highest craftsmanship and in timeless designs since 1886. Strässle became known for using the best leather for their furniture and for manufacturing their products with the highest level of craftsmanship. The Gentilina has become a classic sought after by collectors.

Strässle Gentilina leather armchair by Andre Vandenbeuck

1.180,00 €Price
  • Width:  73 cm

    Height: 78 cm

    Depth: 78 cm

    Seat height: 41 cm

    Seat depth: 45 cm

    Armrest height: 52 cm

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