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A later generation Wilkhahn Delta 2000 leather chair, with leather covered armrests, in a deep black leather tone, brushed aluminum and black shells, which is in excellent condition. The leather is flawless, the plastic shell and the aluminum base only show minimal signs of wear. The chair is rotatable. A classic 60s design that can be used as an office, conference or dining chair. The Wilkhahn company was founded as a chair factory by Friedrich Hahne and Christian Wilkening more than 100 years ago. In 1946, contact with the German Workshops was established with the designers Georg Leowald and Herbert Hirche, who worked in the tradition of the Bauhaus. Since then, Wilkhahn has been one of the premium manufacturers of office furniture. The Delta 2000 model was designed by the Delta Group in 1968.


Wilkhahn Delta leather dining/conference chair from Delta Design

  • Width:  64cm

    Height: 88cm

    Depth: 70cm

    Seat height: 49cm

    Seat depth: 45cm

    Armrest height: 67.5 cm

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