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The set of two Drabert Z chairs with a grey/blue fabric cover and black plastic shells is in good condition. The covers and the plastic shells only show slight signs of wear. The chrome frames are in perfect condition. The Z chair can be used as a conference chair in the office or as a dining room chair.

 Prof. Bitsch designed this Z chair in the 1980s for the German manufacturer Drabert in a clear, ergonomic design. Bitsch also created various classics for the Scandinavian manufacturer Kusch. Drabert was one of the most important office furniture manufacturers in the 1960s and 1970s, producing the highest quality office furniture.

Set of 2 Drabert Z conference/dining room chairs by Prof. Hans Ullrich Bitsch

  • Width: 62 cm

    Height: 82cm

    Depth: 57 cm

    Seat height: 47 cm

    Seat depth: 42 cm

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