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Designer armchairs made of leather - take a seat


Are you looking for an armchair that is now considered a design classic? Nice that you found us. We at chairclassics offer you vintage armchairs and vintage chairs that were designed by well-known designers many years ago and are as popular today as ever. Enjoy creations by Michel Ducaroy, Vico Magistretti, Horst Brüning, Hannah & Morrison, N. Gerosa, Burghard Vogtherr and Ake Fribytter. These are just a few names that we have on offer for you, feel free to browse through our categories and you will find leather lounge chairs, leather relaxation chairs and also comfortable vintage-style chairs.


Affordable designer armchairs made of leather for lovers


Some want designer armchairs just for the look, to give their living space a very special touch. Others have fallen in love with the vintage style and can't get enough of such design classics. And still others like to take a seat in such a piece of jewelry. Whatever you want to use your design chair for, you are guaranteed to find it with us. We have not only made it our mission that all chairs are vintage, but also that they remain affordable. So everyone can enjoy their own personal designer armchair made of leather.


High quality, best processing


Those who are interested in vintage and design furniture naturally attach great importance to the fact that they are originals. We can guarantee you that 100% – you will not find any replicas here. The leather designer armchairs are all in very good condition, and we also pay attention to this when selling. So you get high quality and can rely on the best workmanship. Whether you are looking for an armchair made of black leather, a cantilever chair in elegant brown tones or a set of classic office armchairs - we at chairclassics are exactly the right contact.

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