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The set of 4 Matteo Grassi dining chairs made of thick brown saddle leather in typical Italian leather art.  The chairs come in an excellent,  Almost new, condition. The seats and backrests show almost signs of wear, and the floor area also has no major chips. The leather is strong everywhere and the seams are closed. The leather has a warm chocolate brown color. Design by Tito Agnoli in the 80s. 

MatteoGrassi was founded in 1880 as a manufacturer of saddles and riding gear and over time developed into a manufacturer of high-quality designer furniture. A turning point in history were the designs of designer Tito Agnoli in the 1970s. This Korium armchair immediately became a beacon of Italian design.

Set of 4 Matteo Grassi Korium dining/conference chairs by Tito Agnoli

  • Width: 63cm

    Height: 86cm

    Depth:  52cm

    Seat height: 46cm

    Seat depth:  42cm

    Armrest height: 65 cm

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