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This group of 5 Fasem S44 dining chairs comes in a whisky-colored leather with a distinctive patina on all chairs, which is what makes these chairs so charming, especially in this color. The leather and the black painted metal frame otherwise only show slight signs of wear. The metal rods that run high into the backrest give these chairs a timeless modernity that is typical of the Italian designer duo Vegni/Gualtierotti.  Fasem is a small furniture manufacturer from Tuscany that has been combining typical Tuscan leather craftsmanship with modern materials such as chrome since the 1970s. Bauhaus designs are often implemented in high-quality furniture.

Set of 5 Fasem S44 leather dining chairs by Giancarlo Vegni & Gualtierotti

  • Width: 45cm

    Height: 103cm

    Depth: 55 cm

    Seat height: 45 cm

    Seat depth: 44 cm

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