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The set of two Dreipunkt modular armchairs, made in a mustard-colored leather tone from the 70s. The armchair is in good condition with slight signs of wear and clear patina which has been earned over the years. The seating comfort is impeccable. The modules can be placed as individual armchairs or connected together to form a two-seater sofa. There is a connecting hook that holds the chairs together.


Dreipunkt International was a well-known German furniture manufacturer that had been producing high-quality furniture since 1880 and had cooperated with selected designers.

Dreipunkt International Modular Leather Sofa 2 Seater

  • Dimensions per module

    Width:  73cm

    Height: 94cm

    Depth: 90cm

    Seat height: 37 cm

    Seat depth: 53cm

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