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This set of four OD 50 dining room chairs is in great original condition. The rosewood frames with a very attractive grain show minimal signs of wear. The black Skai leather cover of the armchairs only shows slight signs of wear on one of the armchairs, all the others are almost flawless. These chairs are mostly used as dining room chairs, but can also be used as desk chairs. 

 The Danish designer Erik Buck designed these chairs in the 1960s for the Danish manufacturer Oddense Maskinsnedkeri, or OD Mobler for short. He is known for his organic shapes, which he creates in teak, oak and rosewood frames. These chairs come in the most exclusive version with rosewood.

Erik Buck set of 4 OD 50 rosewood dining chairs for OD Mobler

  • Width: 61 cm

    Height: 80cm

    Depth: 53 cm

    Seat height: 45 cm

    Seat depth: 41 cm

    Armrest height: 66 cm

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