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This Siesta 62 comes in an extravagant finish of black leather and a high-quality, fur-like fabric on the cushions, armrests and ottoman. The armchair has been completely redesigned and reupholstered. The fabric offers a very comfortable sitting feeling of real fur cover. The armchair can be rotated and stands on a massive, heavy turntable. An absolutely unique piece in top condition.

The sheer dimensions and angles of this armchair still impress today and make this Siesta 62 one of the most attractive armchairs of the 60s.

Hans Kaufeld was a German designer who founded his company in 1918 and produced furniture of the highest quality. Kaufeld also delivered his armchairs to the Chancellery in the 1960s. This Siesta 62 armchair was designed by Jacques Brule for Kaufeld in the early 1960s.

Kaufeld Siesta 62 lounge chair with ottoman by Jacques Brule

  • Width: 93cm

    Height: 87cm

    Depth: 100cm

    Seat height: 47cm

    Seat depth: 50cm

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