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The Knoll office chair in cognac-colored leather is in good condition. The leather of the backrest and the seat and back cushions shows slight signs of wear on the corners. The leather pads on the armrests show clear signs of wear and dents in the front area of both armrests. The stainless steel star base is in very good condition. The chair was designed by Rudolf Glatzel for Knoll in the 1980s.


The furniture manufacturer Knoll was founded in 1865 and has been producing high-quality and at the same time avant-garde pieces of furniture from the very beginning. In the 1920s they were one of the most important supporters of the Bauhaus and founded the Knoll Furniture Company in New York in the late 1930s.

Knoll leather office chair by Rudolf Glatzel

  • Width: 57 cm

    Height: 102 cm

    Depth: 69 cm

    Seat height: 49 cm

    Seat depth: 53 cm

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