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A Seat 150 office chair in a black/black color combination. The soft, black, quilted leather is in very good condition with a light patina. The black plastic shell of the backrest showed signs of wear, such as scratches. The plastic shells of the armrests show normal signs of wear. The height hydraulics work, although a little stiff, and allow a seat height of 47 to 56 cm. The star base of the frame is made of metal and works perfectly, the wheels run smoothly. Absolute classic of the 70s Space Age, hard to find, with excellent seating comfort.


Herbert Hirche is one of the important designers of the Bauhaus and studied there from 1930-33 under Kandinsky and Mies van der Rohe. He designed the Seat 150 model for Mauserwerke Waldeck in 1973. Mauser is one of the best-known German furniture manufacturers that specifically implemented Bauhaus designs.

Mauser Seat 150 leather office chair by Herbert Hirche

  • Width:  78cm

    Height: 103 - 111cm

    Depth: 77cm

    Seat height: 47 - 56 cm 

    Seat depth: 46cm


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