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Solid black dining table from Rosenthal in very good condition. The solid wooden table top rests on the cubic wooden arches typical of Hombre and the recessed arrangement of the frame allows for excellent seating at the entire table. The dining table can also be used as a desk as it only differs marginally from the Hombre desk version. Minimal signs of wear on the table top and frame. Rosenthal, known as one of the world's outstanding porcelain manufacturers, decided in the 1970s to have some furniture designed by well-known designers and to market it under the Rosenthal label. This is how some design icons of the 1970s came into being, including this Hombre collection, designed by Burkhard Vogtherr.

Rosenthal Hombre dining table by Burkhard Vogtherr

  • Width: 106cm

    Height: 730 cm

    Length: 186cm

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