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This leather sofa comes in very good condition. The black leather is soft and supple and shows hardly any signs of wear. There are 2 dents in the leather on the back of the sofa, but there is no damage to the leather there either. The seating comfort is impeccable and offers relaxed sitting. Due to the curved shape of the backrest, this not only shows an unusual design, but also allows for slight springing.


This sofa, less a utilitarian object than a work of art, was designed by Giovanni Offredi for Saporiti Italia in the 1970s. Since then, this model has been one of the absolute classics of Italian furniture design. Sergio Saporiti founded the company in the 1950s and has since been known for timeless designer furniture that is far ahead of its time.

Saporiti Italia 2 seater leather sofa by Giovanni Offredi

  • Width: 178cm

    Height: 83cm

    Depth: 77cm

    Seat height: 38cm

    Seat depth: 50cm

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