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This Halo floor lamp from Swisslamps, in brushed stainless steel, is in excellent condition. The lamp can be used in a variety of ways thanks to its 176 cm high rod and the lamp head rotating around the axis.  This means that the lamp can be used as a ceiling washer, reading lamp or wall spot. The round base plate and the lamp body show minimal signs of wear. The lamp is infinitely dimmable.


The absolutely timeless and elegant design comes from Rosemarie and Rico Baltensweiler, who created this lamp for Swisslamps International in the 70s. Swisslamps was known for its precision and the use of the highest quality materials in production.

Swisslamps International Halo 250 floor lamp by R. and R. Baltensweiler

  • Height: 176 cm

    Width with lamp body: 55 cm

    Wide plates: 30 cm

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